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Construction Installation Encyclopedia, with CD-ROM

Product Code/ISBN: 1572181516

Step-by-step installation advice for just about any residential construction, remodeling, or repair task you're likely to face. Written in clear, everyday English with illustrations and diagrams that show how to build or install each part of the job.

There's even a manhour table for each item covered so you'll know how long they should take. Includes a CD-ROM with all the material in the book, search features, and the ability to printout or e-mail instructions to co-workers or subs.

This book also provides useful tips and tricks-of-the-trade that experienced builders and remodelers have learned over time, as well as timesaving tools and templates you can make yourself.

Filled with charts and tables to give you instant answers to your questions on such topics as:

  • What adhesive to use on what type of work
  • What cleaning methods work for which stains on masonry
  • The correct cement and grout for each type of tile
  • What insulation to use where
  • The correct drywall choices and fastening requirements
  • What paint works where
  • Selecting and troubleshooting wood flooring
  • Shingle coverage
  • Roof systems
  • And more!

There's also a manhours table for each work item covered so you know how long a job should normally take. With these, you can estimate and bid with confidence, monitor your crews and schedule your workload.