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Construction Insurance, Bonding, and Risk Management

Product Code/ISBN: 9780070485945

Protect your business from all types of risks -- insure your projects with advice from the experts. With Construction Insurance, Bonding, and Risk Management you'll find the answers to your questions about insurance, bonding, and risk management for all of your construction projects.

This much-needed book helps you assess your requirements for insurance coverage, evaluate policies, find the fairest rates, obtain bonding, and manage risks professionally and confidently.

Written by the foremsot experts at Ernst & Young LLP and Willis Corroon Construction, this authoritative guide gives you the information and methods you need to simplify and systematize your project insurance bonding, and risk management issues, and protect your business from all types of liabilities.

You'll learn how to:

  • Establish your requirements for various types of insurance
  • Determine how to get the insurance you need at the best rate
  • Read and evaluate insurance contracts
  • Secure bonds for both contractors and subcontractors
  • Obtain workers compensation coverage
  • Evaluate environmental issues
  • Understand the role of sureties in litigation

Construction contractors and subcontractors, CPAs, law firms, and insurance and bonding agents will all welcome this comprehensive guide and the authoritative help it gives in ensuring successful outcomes for construction projects of every kind.