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Construction Jobsite Management 4th Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781305081796

Project managers, construction engineers, and construction superintendents listen up! The Construction Jobsite Management 4th Edition manual is the book you need with you anytime you are on the job.  This essential text will outline the tasks you need to complete on the jobsite along with outlining procedures, techniques, and management of projects to make sure you complete everything efficiently and on time.  This is the manual you need to make sure you are making all of those “real-world” applications you need to drive and efficient and punctual jobsite project.  If you have ever wondered what you should be doing on the jobsite, or how certain things work, then the Construction Jobsite Management 4th Edition is the text for you. 

Table of Contents:


  1. Introduction to Project Management
  2. The Project Team
  3. Use of Construction Documents on the Jobsite
  4. Submittals, Samples and Shop Drawings
  5. Documentation and Record Keeping at the Jobsite
  6. Jobsite Layout and Control
  7. Meetings, Negotiations, and Dispute Resolution
  8. Jobsite Labor Relations and Control
  9. Personnel and Safety Management
  10. Subcontracting and Purchasing
  11. Project Quality Management
  12. Time and Cost Control
  13. Waste and Environmental Management and Sustainable Construction Practices
  14. Computerized Project Administration
  15. Building Information Modeling
  16. Changes and Claims
  17. Progress Payments
  18. Project Closeout

Throughout the text the authors stress the real world function of the topics and subjects by providing methods and application suggestions instead of just providing text with theory.  It also contains examples of the documents and papers that are commonly used on the construction site to keep you familiar with why they are needed and their use on the jobsite.  Included at the end of each chapter are review questions to help enhance your understanding of the topics.  The questions even come with the answers.  The authors have had decades of hands-on experience on the management sites so this must-have manual is the only one you will need for jobsite experience.