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Construction on Contaminated Sites

Product Code/ISBN: 0070388784

This unique book gives you proven strategies and tactics to help you reduce the risks associated with unexpected hazardous substances on a construction site. You get the know-how you need to determine whether hazardous wastes are present on your construction site, what actions to take immediately if dangerous materials are detected, and how to measure and mitigate the impact of contamination on the project.

Construction on Contaminated Sites provides you with step-by-step actions you can take to reduce the construction risk of contaminated sites. For owners of construction sites and those involved in construction projects, contaiminated sites translates into risky business.

The chances that contamination will be encountered on a building project are on the rise. Whether due to the lack of clean sites, the popularity of remodelling over new construction, or the growing number of potential contaminants, more and more particpants in building projects will face the problem of contamination.

Distinguished by its broad scope, chronological organization, and examples drawn from everyday experience, this authoritative book is designed to educate and inform about the risk associated with the discovery of hazardous materials and how this risk can be effectively reduced and managed.


  • Offers a common indicator for determining the presence of hazardous wastes on the construction site
  • Explains what immediate steps are necessary if they exist
  • Addresses how to gauge their overall impact on the project

Attention is also devoted to the long-term approach to dealing with a contamination problem, various ways to resolve disputes that may arise over the discovery of contamination, and the risks associated with the cleanup. For those who are attempting to minimize the cost of and time required for construction on a contaminated site, Construction on Contaminated Sites is the authority.