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Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods

Product Code/ISBN: 9780073401126

Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods is the best manual for you to learn more about machine utilization and machine systems.  This guide is presented in an extremely easier to understand format with concise information and simple logic to help you understand and grasp each system. Although the information is aimed and was created for an undergraduate construction equipment course but can be of use to anyone involved in this type of engineering and design.

Table of Contents

  1. Machines Make it Possible
  2. Equipment Economics
  3. Planning for Earthwork Construction
  4. Soil and Rock
  5. Compaction and Stabilization Equipment
  6. Mobile Equipment Power Requirements
  7. Dozers
  8. Scrapers
  9. Excavators
  10. Trucks and Hauling Equipment
  11. Finishing Equipment
  12. Drilling Rock and Earth
  13. Blasting Rock
  14. Aggregate Production
  15. Asphalt Mix Production and Placement
  16. Concrete and Concrete Equipment
  17. Cranes
  18. Piles and Pile-Driving Equipment
  19. Air Compressors and Pumps
  20. Forming Systems
  21. Planning for Building Construction

Appendix A – Alphabetical List of Units with Their SI Names and Conversion Factors

Appendix B – Selected English-to-SI Conversion Factors

Appendix C – Selected U.S. Customary (English) Unit Equivalents

Appendix D – Selected Metric Unit Equivalents


About some of the Authors: Robert L. Peurifoy was one of the principle specialists for engineering education at the U.S. Office of Education during WWII.  In 1984 the Peurifoy Construction Research Award was created by the American Society of Civil Engineering to commend those who have executed leadership in construction education and research.

Clifford J. Schexnayder is currently an Eminent Scholar Emeritus at the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University. He is a registered professional engineer in four different states and a recognized member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  He took over from Mr. Peurifoy who had authored the previous editions of this text.