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Construction Project Administration, 10th Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780132866736

This book addresses the gap of information relating to the needs of on-site construction management personnel during the construction phase. This single source book addresses the issues concerning resident engineers and inspectors, as well as project managers.

It also addresses the responsibility and authority of the owner, engineer, and inspector. Coverage of the importance of claims avoidance and proper conduct of field personnel is stressed as well. The presentation of materials logically follows the construction sequence and acts as a primer for readers preparing for licensing exams or as a valuable resource for practicing engineers.


  • Applications for state and federal DOT Standard Specs to civil engineering contracts
  • Design-build contracts for public and private work; Inspector responsibility
  • Electronic record keeping; Digital imaging for photographic progress logs
  • OSHA "Competent Person" programs
  • Guide specs for specifying CPM
  • Discussion of measurement and payment, claims and disputes, liquidated damages and force account payment and application

If you're looking for a book that explains the little-known nauances of project administration this book should be in your library!