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Construction Safety Planning

Product Code/ISBN: 471286699

Did you that the risk of death present in the construction job industry is five times more than that of any the average American worker? Safety on the construction site or job site is one of the biggest worries in the industry today.  Easy your state-of-mind with Construction Safety Planning, a guide that will help you locates and fix some of today’s biggest construction safety hazards.  This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the newest OSHA standards set for the industry. The incredible thing about this text is that it will teach you how to incorporate safety planning and design in pre-existing construction scheduling.  This prevents doubles in paperwork and having to go back and duplicate other papers. 

Construction safety should be something that is easy and simply applied in your projects.  In this essential guide author David V. MacCollum integrate concepts and techniques that helped reduce construction deaths by 75% in the Corps of Engineers.  The information in this book is easily applied to supervisors, hazard hunters and others in charge of the work site.  With that information and knowledge you can expect to save your company billions of dollars every year because of the decrease in injury. 

This is an invaluable reference that you won’t want to miss out on.  Do yourself and your company a favor and order your copy today! These are principles you will want to apply immediately.

Some of the topics explained in this guide are:

  1. Construction Safety Chaos
  2. The Role of Insurance in Construction Safety
  3. Bringing Order Out of Chaos
  4. Project Safety Planning Concepts
  5. Safety and the Design Team
  6. Prebid Safety Conference
  7. Selecting the Contractor for the Job
  8. Fall Prevention and Protection
  9. Training
  10. Project Monitoring
  11. Phase Planning
  12. Phase Planning for Electrical Systems
  13. Phase Planning for Roofs
  14. Surviving the Crisis of Unmet Planning for Changing Circumstances