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Construction Site Security

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071460293

This comprehensive resource covers all the essentials of planning, prioritizing, and implementing construction site security. Construction Site Security provides a clear, practical program for understanding, assessing, and implementing security options. You get comprehensive, expert, hands-on help that ensures the job gets done thoroughly and quickly.

You'll find:

  • Survey forms, checklists, and questionnaires to ensure expert assessment, planning, design, and implementation
  • Threat assessment -- guidance on every step
  • Tools that help you comply with insurance requirements and earn insurance incentives
  • Protection of workers, assets, and equipment
  • Comprehensive coverage of issues from video surveillance to traffic flow and guard training, setting policies to conducting investigations
  • Complete information protection, from firewalls to document classification, hardware security to information audits
  • Maximizing help from local law enforcement and other community groups
  • Authoritative advice on the tactics of eco- and animal rights terrorists and how to foil them

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Chapter 2: Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis Basics
  • Chapter 3: Security Overview
  • Chapter 4: The Security Survey
  • Chapter 5: Perimeter Security
  • Chapter 6: Intrusion Detection for Job Trailers
  • Chapter 7: Locks and Key Control
  • Chapter 8: Video Surveillance
  • Chapter 9: Heavy Equipment Security
  • Chapter 10: Electronic Access Control
  • Chapter 11: Role of the Security Officer
  • Chapter 12: Security Policies
  • Chapter 13: Investigations
  • Chapter 14: Information Security
  • Chapter 15: Security Lighting
  • Chapter 16: Animal Rights and Eco-Terrorism
  • Chapter 17: Developing the Job Site Security Plan
  • Chapter 18: Where to Find Help With Job Site Security and Useful Forms
  • Index