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Construction Superintendent's Operations Manual, Second Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071502412

As a construction superintendent, you know your job involves more than simply riding herd over a work crew and a site full of equipment. This guide provides a rich resource to help you in all areas of your work -- not just your supervisory role.

Written by noted construction-industry consultant Sidney M. Levy, this easy-to-use volume covers three complete areas:

  1. Administering construction contracts
  2. Supervising the construction process
  3. Construction components and technology

It provides comprehensive guidance on a wide range of issues, including employee relations, construction quality and safety. What's more it includes over 100 handy forms, sample letters and checklists.

You'll find effective project management techniques to help you prevent hassles and misunderstandings in motivating others. It also shows you how to find the devil hiding in the details in contract documents.

You'll also find surefire ways to avoid losing money in renovation and rehab work, as well as tips and techniques for successful job completion, and much more!