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Construction Surveying & Layout Engineering Method

Product Code/ISBN: 9780964742116

Construction Surveying and Layout is a step-by-step field guide that is essential reading for those who are learning or performing surveying field measurement and layout processes. First published in 1995, this new edition contains expanded details, numerous "how-to" methods, and down-to-earth tips and techniques.

Full of superbly detailed illustrations, this creative book is intended for technical and college-level courses in construction sciences, building construction, and civil engineering, and is recommended as a reference for contractors, construction management, engineering, architectural, and design-build firms.

This text places an emphasis on eliminating mistakes and reducing errors, and can also be used as a field surveying training manual. Anyone who is involved in construction should have this as a resource available for its common-sense approach to surveying and layout activities.

Key Features:

  • Revised chapters present a more logical arrangement of topics for improved learning
  • More than 100 detailed step-by-step surveying measuring and calculating processes to make understanding easier
  • Over 1400 in-depth illustrations showing how to perform field and office work activities
  • A combination of English and metric measurements and calculations, as well as refreshers on mathematics, conversions, and useful tables
  • 500 additional questions and problems
  • Nearly 100 field and office exercises and activities to enhance knowledge
  • Chapter summaries that identify Important Points as well as Mistakes and Errors from practicing surveyors and field engineers
  • Easy-style reading with key points and "rules of thumb" identified

Table of Contents:

  • Field Engineering Basics - Part 1
    • Scope and Responsibilities
    • Communications and Field Engineering
    • Getting Started and Organized
    • Fieldwork Basics
    • Office work Basics
  • Measurement Basics - Part 2
    • Distance Measurement - Chaining
    • Distance Measurement - EDM
    • Angle Measurement
    • Leveling
    • Total Station
    • Construction Lasers for Line and Grade
    • Equipment Calibration
  • Construction Surveying Calculations - Part 3
    • Math Review and Conversions
    • Distance Corrections
    • Traverse Computations
    • Coordinates in Construction
    • Horizontal Curves
    • Vertical Curves
    • Excavations Construction
  • Layout Applications - Part 4
    • Distance Applications
    • Angles & Direction
    • Leveling Applications
    • Construction Layout Techniques
    • Building Control & Layout
    • One-Person Surveying Techniques
    • The Punch List
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A - Practice Problems
    • Appendix B - Learning Activities
    • Appendix C - Global Positioning System
    • Appendix D - Surveying Book List
    • Appendix E - Glossary