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Cooperative Marketing in the Construction Industry

Product Code/ISBN: 9781557017604

There really is a low-cost and low-risk marketing strategy that's been proven to work in today's economy - and it's particularly effective for businesses in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

It's cooperative marketing: the building of cooperative marketing alliances with non-competing businesses that offer complementary services and products.  

Cooperative Marketing in the Construction Industry provides a structured method for developing and managing co-marketing relationships in the design and construction industry to ensure greater sales success.

By sharing marketing intelligence, expenses and other resources, small and mid-size firms can increase sales leads, lower marketing costs, increase closing ratios and shorten sales cycles.

Based on the evaluation of 34 construction industry case studies, as well as the author's 25 years of experience as a president of a multi-disciplinary group of engineering, architecture, construction, and mechanical service companies, this book identifies the key factors that make alliances really work and illustrates how you can put them to use for your business.

It provides detailed criteria for:

  • Selecting co-marketing partners
  • Exploring issues effecting co-marketing relationships
  • Examining successful and unsuccessful relationship cases, costs and payoffs.

This unique guide provides a model you can easily put to use for leveraging your personal relationships, technology, staff and other resources you can use to generate qualified sales leads, close more sales, and increase profits.

Start developing your partners and forming alliances that can make your company and your marketing more dynamic and profitable.