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Creating a New Old House: AIA

Product Code/ISBN: 9781561587926

Russell Versaci has brought one of the most in depth looks at American architecture in his book, Creating a New Old House: Yesterday’s Characters for Today’s Home (American Institute Architects).  If you have ever wondered what gives older houses the flare that seems to be lacking from modern day builds then this is the book for you.  Versaci lays out through photographs and in depth explanations what the difference is between more historical models versus more modern day buildings.  Through his explanations and text he helps you not only to understand the difference but also to apply it to your designs and future work.  This essential guide features 17 different models of older style homes and what makes them different.  They range from older colonial styles to more traditional farmhouse.  In the text you will also read about how Versaci identifies the eight different pillars of traditional design.  These pillars will help you create a solid foundation with more of an authentic traditional design that leads to a house that feels older, yet still works for the modern day nuclear family.    This is a must have book if you are interested in this type of material because “Versaci explains why, and shows what it takes to create such enduring quality in home design today" (Philip Morris, former Senior Architecture Editor, Southern Accents, Don’t miss out on this amazing book.  Order it now to add it to your library!


About the author:  Russell Versaci has been practicing and writing about architecture for more than 20 years.  He created a firm of architects called Russell Versaci Architecture, and they are known for creating thoughtful pieces of work that reflect different period-style homes and show his mastery for historical architecture.  He has been featured in magazines such as “Traditional Home, Southern Accents, House Beautiful” and “Southern Living” as well as featured on Good Morning America.