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DCD Digital Magazine Two Year Subscription/Renewal with Access to SimplEst Square Foot

Product Code/ISBN: DCDARCH2-1863

Please Note: For immediate access to Simpl•Est, please create a free subscription on We will grant you access to Simpl•Est Unit Price, Simpl•Est Square Foot and Simpl•Est Davis-Bacon within 24 hours (M-F).

Design Cost Data is the industry's number one source of square foot cost estimating data based on real-life projects. And with the Simpl•Est Plus DCD Digital EditionTwo Year Bundle, you get a two-year subscription to the digital edition of DCD Magazine bringing you every bi-monthly issue. Plus you get two years of access to Simpl•Est Square Foot – an incredibly powerful online tool that lets you create your own estimates and get detailed square foot costs for practically any building type with just 6 clicks of your mouse!

Just look at what you get:

A two-year subscription to Design Cost Data. Each issue of DCD brings you a close-up look at recently completed building projects of all kinds, complete with cost breakdowns and insights into the special design and construction challenges that had to be overcome.

Two years of full access to Simpl•Est Square Foot. Browse over 1,800 actual construction projects. Search by size, project category or numerous other criteria. Simply change the size, completion date and location ... and a new detailed estimate is created for you instantly! Download, print, or save.

Also, you will receive the brand-new 2022 edition of the DCD Guide to Construction Costs, a practical resource for all your construction estimating needs. Whether the job is for general construction, remodeling, building maintenance, or repair, the DCD Guide to Construction Costs provides the most accurate and up-to-date data for material and installation costs, labor and equipment rates, and even adjusted allowances for overhead and profit,  all organized in the CSI MasterFormat.

With the Simpl•Est Plus DCD Digital Magazine Two-Year Bundle, you become an instant expert at conceptual cost estimating. You get ALL the tools you need to accurately estimate the square-foot cost of practically any project your client proposes with incredible accuracy and speed.

Click here if you would prefer a one-year subscription.