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DCD Magazine 1-Year Subscription with Simpl•Est Square Foot + BNi General Construction Costbook

Product Code/ISBN: DCDARCH1-9561

A full year subscription to DCD Magazine with access to DCD Simpl•Est Square Foot ...

Save over $100 with a 2-year subscription

PLUS the 2021 Edition of the BNi General Construction Costbook!

PLUS the digital version of the 2021 BNi General Construction Costbook!

DCD is the industry's number one source of square-foot cost estimating data based on actual projects. And with Simpl•Est Square Foot you have an incredibly powerful online tool that gives you detailed square foot costs for practically any building type with just 6 clicks of your mouse!

Featuring accurate cost details for over 1,800 actual building projects, Simpl•Est Square Foot is unlike any estimating tool you've ever used before.

Simply select a project similar to what your or your client is conceptualizing. Change the location and date to anytime through 2022 and move to over 600 locations. Press Target – and a new cost model is instantly created for you! You can use Simpl•Est Square Foot to:

  • Quickly get the cost of different "what if" scenarios
  • Experiment with different buildings in markets you've been thinking about
  • Examine what is included in the Cost Divisions – then add, change or remove to fit your needs.

No other construction estimating tool can beat Simpl•Est Square Foot for speed, accuracy and ease of use.

Design Cost Data 
For the industry’s leading resource on preliminary building costs and historical construction costs, look no further than Design Cost Data . Every issue include square foot building costs from real buildings across the nation, material cost trends, square foot cost guides and more informative industry articles.

Whether you’re a general contractor, an appraiser, an architect or anyone who frequently works with design cost data, you can benefit from the information provided in the DCD magazine for preliminary and conceptual estimating.

NOTE: To access Simpl•Est Square Foot after you place your order, please register on (registration is free). Then, please call us at 1.888.264.2665 (M-F) between 9:00 AM and 7:30 PM Eastern time, and we will confirm your purchase and activate your access to Simpl•Est Square Foot.