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Design-Build for Water and Wastewater Projects

Product Code/ISBN: 9781583218181

On your next capital construction project, would your water or wastewater utility like to achieve:

  • Seven percent lower cost
  • Thirteen percent faster construction
  • Thirty-three percent faster overall schedule
  • Fifty percent less schedule growth

These are some of the attractive benefits many water and waste water utilities enjoy through the use of design-build construction over traditional design-bid-build construction. Here you'll find a collection of 30 articles providing a basic template of how Design-Build projects can be planned, procured, and executed for the water and waste water industry.

It shows how the processes and procedures of design-build differ from those of design-bid-build, as well as their impact on preliminary design and planning, procurement, and project execution. This one-of-a-kind reference is packed full of strategic concepts for planning and scheduling, to develop appropriate QA/QC procedures, and to understand the permitting and regulatory approvals, and commissioning and testing associated with the design-build of a water/waste water project.

Written for water and wastewater utility management, engineers, planners, city officials, utility policymakers, regulators, and design-build contractors, the book covers all topics:

  • History of design-build
  • Types of projects well suited for design-build
  • Steps to prepare for a design-build project
  • Procuring a design-builder
  • Executing design-build projects and performing acceptance tests
  • Bonding, insurance, and dispute resolution
  • Permitting and regulatory agency approvals
  • State laws regarding design-build

If you're looking to save time and money by utilizing the benefits of design-build in your next water or waste-water project, you need this practical guide at your fingertips!