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Design Criteria for Mosques and Islamic Centres

Product Code/ISBN: 9780860667968

The design principles necessary to create functional and dynamic contemporary mosques can be hard to grasp for those unfamiliar with the Islamic faith. Design Criteria for Mosques and Islamic Centres provides an easy to use and practical set of guidelines for mosque design, illustrated with 300 line drawings.

Case studies of urban mosques in New York, Washington, Boston, and London, and Birmingham amongst others demonstrate how mosques and Islamic centres have evolved to integrate into the urban scenario.

Design Criteria for Mosques and Islamic Centres shows how mosques fulfill multiple faith-based and social roles through their design; it provides a wide ranging, basic understanding of Islamic liturgical conventions and secular functions to enable the architect and designer to work with confidence.

This book of guidelines includes:

  • First dedicated design guide for Mosques and Islamic centres available
  • Features case studies from the USA, UK and Europe
  • Explains fundamental principles to make it easy to create viable design solutions for these exacting buildings that fulfil a range of social and religious roles

If you are looking for a reference that explains all the architecural considerations to consider in designing Mosques and Islamic centres, you need this reference!