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Design. Market. Grow!

Product Code/ISBN: 971253463

This book is the definitive guide on how to grow a design and construction firm. It tells you what's required in project management, marketing, quality, strategy, delivery, and leadership. It pinpoints the little, often overlooked factors that ensure success for a firm and those that could destroy it.

The author is an industry pro who shares his years of experience working in the design industry. He pinpoints the circumstances that make a difference in the path a firm takes, its philosophy, mission, and marketing plan, and how these factors play out in the success or failure of the firm.

Developing a knowledge-based, customer-centric culture should be the goal of every professional service firm. Getting there requires the same discipline for strategic planning, sales and marketing, and practice and process execution that characterize the best-of-class companies throughout the business world.

Every manager in your company could benefit from this book. Read Design. Market. Grow! now and see how it adds to your own perspective and understanding of how business really works!