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Drywall: Professional Techniques for Great Results, Fourth Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9781600854699

This revised version of Drywall gives readers information on new tools and materials and techniques that author Myron Ferguson has field-tested since the last revision in 2008. For the first time the book also includes a bound-in DVD with tips and techniques for hassle-free drywall installation.

Thoroughly revised and updated, this reference could be classified as a practical drywall reference for all trades as it offers up-to-date information on:

  • The latest tools, materials, and techniques
  • An easy-to-use format that includes step-by-step instructions
  • More than four hundred photographs and drawings
  • And a new section on sound control

Drywalling looks easy, but anyone who has tried it knows that it is physically demanding and that one needs a knowledge of many finishing touches and tricks-of-the-trade to ensure a good job. In this revision of a 1996 title, Myron Ferguson, a drywall hanger with 20 years' experience, shares his hard-won knowledge with readers.

The most commonly used drywall techniques are covered step by step, and there are additional sections on various types of drywall, tools, and decorative effects. A great deal of attention is paid to taping and sanding, which are the keys to an attractive job.

If drywall is one part of what you don't do, you need this book so you can take on any drywall job -- whether patching, finishing, taping, or installing walls and ceilings. The information on sound-proofing is worth the cost of the book!

About the Author

Myron Ferguson has over 30 years' experience hanging drywall. In addition to Drywall, and its companion video, he is the author of numerous articles written for trade journals including Fine Homebuilding magazine, Walls and Ceilings, and Tools of the Trade. He participated in the Journal of Light Construction's Live Construction Training Show as their drywall expert.