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Energy Sprawl Solutions: Balancing Global Development and Conservation

Product Code/ISBN: 9781610917216

An energy sprawl is the amount of land needed to produce energy. As our world becomes more populated with places to live and entertainment districts the amount of land open for energy needs runs out, not to mention the effect these developments have on the environment. Energy Sprawl Solutions brings together the experts from biodiversity conversation, ecosystem service, fisheries, planning, finance, ecology and more to bring you the most complete manual on what else we can do for energy to avoid problems with energy sprawls. From case studies to different parts of the world to detailed maps and charts this book has everything you need to learn more about energy sprawls and help you planet moving forward. There are so many things we can do moving forward from waste management to different options for infrastructure and sustainability, we just need the resources to affect the solutions and make a change!

Table of Contents

Part I – A Glimpse into Future Sprawl

1. The Geography of Risk by Jim Oakleaf, Sharon Baruch-Mordo, Christina Kennedy, and Joseph M. Kiesecker
2. The Challenges of a Green Future by Gert Jan Kramer

Part II – Solutions for Reducing Energy Sprawl

3. North America: Energy Sprawl and Triage Conservation by Mark Hebblewhite
4. United States: Wind and Wildlife by Joseph M. Kiesecker, Jeffrey S. Evans, Kei Sochi, Joe Fargione, Dave Naugle, Kevin Doherty
5. California: Guiding Solar Energy Development with Regional Conservation Planning by D. Richard Camera, Laura Crane, Sophie S. Parker, and John M. Randall
6. Venezuela: Offshore Oil by Eduardo Klein, Juan Jose Cardenas, Roger Martinez, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Juan Papdakis, Kei Sochi, and Joseph M. Kiesecker
7. Latin America: Energy and Ecosystem Services by Heather Tallis
8. Brazil: Planning Biofuels Expansion to Sustain Production and Environmental Quality in Brazilian Landscapes by Christina M. Kennedy, Peter L. Hawthorne, Kei Sochi, Daniela Miteva, Leandro Baumgarten, Elizabeth M. Uhlhorn, and Joseph M. Kiesecker
9. China and Brazil: The Future of Sustainable Energy and Healthy Rivers by Jeff Opperman

Part III – Moving from Best Practice to Common Practice

10. Sustainable Energy Landscapes: Policies, Practices, and Pathways by Linda Krueger, Bruce McKenney, Graham Watkins, and Amal-Lee Amin