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Energy Systems Engineering 3rd

Product Code/ISBN: 9781259585098

This text is the perfect guide to everything related to energy systems and renewable resources.  It covers nuclear energy, fossil energy, renewable energy and goes over everything you need to know for technology-neutral, portfolio based introductions to energy systems.  Take a look into how each technique is used complete with the pros and cons to make sure you are using the most effective energy system for your company.

To help make sure you understand all concepts completely this must-have guide comes complete with hundreds of different illustrations demonstrating the information.  There are examples and exercises at the end of each chapter to make sure concepts are fully grasped.  Let Energy Systems Engineering: Evaluation and Implementation, 3rd edition help you step-by-step with different energy systems you can use.  The world is changing around us and these are the systems of the future.  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to enhance your business and beat out the competition! You won’t regret it!


Table of Contents

Praise for Energy Systems Engineering, Evaluation and Implementation

About the Authors


Preface to the Third Edition


Note to Instructors


Systems and Policy Tools

Engineering Economic Tools

Climate Change and Climate Modeling

Fossil Fuel Resources

Stationary Combustion Systems

Carbon Sequestration

Nuclear Energy Systems

The Solar Resource

Solar Photovoltaic Technologies

Active Solar Thermal Applications

Passive Solar Thermal Applications

Wind Energy Systems

Bioenergy Resources and Systems

Transportation Energy Technologies

Systems Perspective on Transportation Energy

Conclusion: Creating the Twenty-First

Appendix A: Perpetual Julian Date Calendar

Appendix B: LCR Table

Appendix C: CF Table

Appendix D: Numerical Answers to Select Problems

Appendix E: Common Conversions

Appendix F: Information about Thermodynamic Constants