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ENR Square Foot Costbook, 2021 Edition (print + pdf download)

Product Code/ISBN: 9781588552068

The ultimate guide to quick, accurate square-foot  construction costs!

New 2021 Edition now available! Order your copy today.

Printed book PLUS pdf eBook download

The 2021 Square Foot Costbook from Engineering News-Record puts right at your fingertips accurate square-foot costs - broken down by CSI division - for an incredible variety of recent building projects ... with all costs accurately adjusted to 2021.

Want to know the cost per square foot for concrete in a new elementary school? How about in a fire station or a senior housing building? Want to know the cost of electrical work in a children's clinic? Or the cost of doors and windows in a middle school expansion? You'll find all this and much more in the brand-new 2021 ENR Square Foot Costbook. This invaluable estimating tool features:

  • Detailed square foot costs for each project -- all broken down by CSI Division and supported by a detailed narrative.
  • Over 450 regional cost modifiers -- so you can quickly adjust all costs to your local area.
  • Up-to-date material and installation costs for over 6,000 items used in construction.

No other publication makes cost estimating so easy! Included in the new 2021 edition are a wide variety of different projects, including a police station, a credit union, an office center, a culinary arts classroom, a library and even a modern, spacious barn.