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Essential Electrical Skills for HVACR Theory and Labs

Product Code/ISBN: 9781645649212
Essential Electrical Skills for HVACR: Theory and Labs is a combined electrical text and write-in lab manual that provides a practical approach to core electrical theory to help students find success in the HVACR field. This text covers fundamental electrical concepts that are reinforced through integrated, hands-on labs to master application and comprehension. Students will receive thorough practice to master basic electrical proficiencies before being introduced to electrical troubleshooting and HVACR systems. With concise coverage of topics such as electrical circuits, digital multimeter operation, electrical motors, and troubleshooting microprocessor-based printed circuit boards, Essential Electrical Skills for HVACR is key in developing the knowledge and skill needed for success as an HVACR technician. This text serves as supplemental electrical material for those currently using Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning as part of their HVACR curriculum.