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Estimating Home Construction Costs, Second Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780867186154

Custom builder Jerry Householder can help you improve your estimating abilities and discover better ways to do a quantity takeoff, whether you prefer to use pen and paper or estimating software.

He teams up with builder Emile Marchive III to show you:

  • Types of estimates and when to use them
  • Tips and formulas for figuring quantities easily and accurately
  • Procedures for integrating estimating with cost control, purchasing, and scheduling
  • How computer estimating can enhance your work
  • How establishing and maintaining a database facilitates your future estimates

This Second Edition provides a new, larger sample floor plan and new elevations, work sheets, checklists, a comprehensive glossary, plus a list of resources and recommended reading.

Estimating Home Construction Costs Bring your houses in under budget by developing complete and accurate estimates. This book walks you step by step through the process of estimating new home construction. It discusses types of estimates and when to use them, explains how to integrate estimating into other management functions, and describes the benefits of computer estimating.

Includes forms and checklists to adapt for your business. A floor plan, elevation, and other drawings clarify concepts, and conversion tables make your estimating job easier. Includes a glossary and selected bibliography.