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Estimating with Microsoft Excel, Third Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780867186475

Most builders estimate with Excel because it's easy to learn, quick to use, and can be customized to your style of estimating. Here you'll find step-by-step how to create your own customized automated spreadsheet estimating program for use with Excel.

You'll learn how to use the magic of Excel in creating:

  • Detail sheets
  • Cost breakdown summaries
  • Linking
  • And more!

You'll put this all to use in estimating concrete, rebar, permit fees, and roofing. You can even create your own macros! Includes a CD-ROM that illustrates examples in the book and provides you with templates you can use to set up your own estimating system.

With Estimating with Microsoft Excel creating estimates for your new residential construction project just got a little easier. Author, Jay Christofferson, a recognized expert in computerized estimating, details step-by-step how you can save money and time by using Microsoft Excel 2007 to develop estimates that are reliable enough for your most important management decisions.

The book and CD-ROM includes formulas for calculating concrete, rebar, labor, permits, taxes, and more, and demonstrates how to apply them in your everyday construction project management. You'll learn essential skills for programming basic formulas to automating Excel to integrate with other software packages.

Estimating with Microsoft Excel will show you how to eliminate time-consuming steps and repetitive work by:

  • Setting up an accurate, efficient estimating system
  • Creating databases
  • Writing formulas
  • And by adapting shortcuts

Boost the accuracy of your estimates as well as your profit margin with the power of Microsoft Excel 2007!