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Evaluating Home Performance


Air leakage and heating efficiency are the two primary unknowns in assessing a home's energy efficiency. This brief covers the best and most efficient way of evaluating these unknowns, identifying problems, and pursuing solutions during a one-time energy intervention.

This technical brief suggests a sequence and logic to the process of:

  • Testing
  • Measuring
  • Adjusting
  • Retrofitting

The following procedures are outlined:

  • Evaluating House Pressures
  • Testing Performance of Gas Furnaces
  • Evaluating System Airflow and Duct Design
  • Alternate Airflow Measurements
  • Improving System Airflow
  • Evaluating Duct Air Leakage
  • Sealing Ducts
  • Testing Building Airtightness
  • Determining Ventilation Effectiveness
  • Testing and Reducing Zone Pressures

This publication has been used as a handout in training programs to effectively introduce the EPA's Home Performance with Energy Star criteria to contractors who are new to the program.