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Fall Protection: Complete OSHA Regulations 2020

Product Code/ISBN: 36B-001-34

This detailed text will keep you and your employees safe and compliant with OSHA.  

Updated Through January 2020 - Includes updates to walking/working surfaces

Fall protection standards are tightening for home builders nationwide, and the key to meeting these tight compliance deadlines lies in a firm commitment to fall protection safety training. Of course, residential construction isn't the only industry that requires this training. It is needed wherever workers must be protected from fall-related accidents. 

To protect your workers and stay compliant with OSHA, MANCOMM offers the biggest, most revolutionary development in fall protection since the invention of the safety net: Fall Protection: Complete OSHA Regulations

The guide provides fall-protection OSHA regulations from:

• Part 1910: General Industry

• Part 1915: Shipyard Employment

• Part 1917: Marine Terminals

• Part 1918: Longshoring

• Part 1926: Construction

• OSHA Letters of Interpretation

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