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Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071486606

A comprehensive review that gives you insight into innovations in network-based project planning, scheduling, and control -- saving you time and money on all construction projects.

Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling contains a full explanation of the new and innovative Scheduling Practice Paradigm, and translates it into tangible steps you can use to create powerful project schedules designed to boost productivity on any job.

Completely compatible with the Collaborative Model, the new Scheduling Practice Paradigm provides commitment planning, execution scheduling, and comprehensive performance control.

Written in a friendly, conversational style, this ultimate guide explains:

  • The new Scheduling Practice Paradigm -- terminology, specialties, roles, and deliverables
  • How dilemma forecasting can help you predict delays before they occur
  • How to use change optimization processes for maximum project benefit
  • How to produce a project schedule, including logic development sessions
  • Helpful guidelines for performance recording
  • Hundreds of "tricks of the trade" from a 30-year Scheduling veteran