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Fine Homebuilding's Sketchup for Builders - The Basics DVD

Product Code/ISBN: 9781621138075

The power of SketchUp, a free Google program can be yours to draw and design home and remodeling plans to present to your clients. This DVD and instructional video provide you with the essential lessons to help you master Google Sketchup as well as a project to test your skills.

Learn how to:

  • Set up the program
  • Use drawing tools
  • Navigate in a 3-D space
  • Sketch and refine drawings

You'll get tips, shortcuts, and a handy cheat sheet. Plus, you'll get a practice lesson that shows you how to build a small cabin, starting at the ground and working your way up the building. You'll learn how to draw foundations, floor systems, wall framing, roofing (trusses and rafters), and add details such as windows and doors that give the best presentation of your project.

If you want to create and present professional looking drawings to your clients using Google Sketch-up you need a copy of this instructional DVD!