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Fire Inspection and Code

Product Code/ISBN: 9780879396053

Looking for more certification and training in the fire emergency and protection fields? Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement, 8th Edition will help you to achieve that certification standard necessary to provide you community with the best possible emergency safety help.  This must-have guide is essential to learn more about the standards and codes that are needed to provide more safety components in construction and renovation.  This guide provides those who are involved with fire safety and fire emergencies with the basic information that they need to meet with the job performance requirements outlined in the NFPA 1031 for Level I and Level II Fire Inspectors.  To help with your understanding and grasp of the concepts this guide is broken into two different sections.  The first section outlines the information needed for Level I and the second section outlines the information needed for Level II.

If you work in emergency services or are an inspector of any kind this is a great reference to add to your library.  More training and certification can never hurt your job, especially when your main job is the safety of others.  Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Order your copy today!

Table of Contents

  1. Duties and Authority
  2. Codes, Standards, and Permits
  3. Fire Behavior
  4. Construction Types and Occupancy Classifications
  5. Building Construction
  6. Building Components
  7. Means of Egress
  8. Site Access
  9. Fire Hazard Recognition
  10. Hazardous Materials
  11. Water Supply Distribution Systems
  12. Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems
  13. Special-Hazard Fire Extinguishing Systems and Portable Extinguishers
  14. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  15. Plans Review
  16. Inspection Procedures

About the publisher: The International Fire Service Training Association was founded in 1934.  They are currently headquartered at the Fire Protection Publications which is part of the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology at Oklahoma State University.  Their mission is the develop training for and help those who work in fire services and emergency safety.