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For Pros By Pros: Kitchen Remodeling

Product Code/ISBN: 9781621138068

This latest edition of Kitchen Remodeling from the editors of Fine Homebuilding provides all the advice you need to remodel a kitchen of any size or shape, on any budget. Kitchens are a lucrative business for most remodelers, but keeping a kitchen remodel to a homeowners budget can be a challenge.

In this all-new edition, articles cover how much a kitchen remodel will cost, the key ingredients for a great kitchen remodel, and how to remodel a kitchen on any budget. Additionally, Kitchen Remodeling is brimming with practical, up-to-date information on choosing and installing kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring, and lighting as well as advice from the pros on designing and building storage solutions, getting the proper kitchen ventilation, and creating a kitchen island.

This is an ideal guide for anyone attempting a kitchen remodel. It covers everything you'll need from lighting, ventilation and most importantly, how to keep costs in line with expectations.

Don't remodel a kitchen with out this guide. Order yours today!