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For Pros By Pros: Roofing - Flashing & Waterproofing

Product Code/ISBN: 9781561587780

While a homes roof gives it shape and character, its more immediate function is to keep the weather out. Here are 17 articles from the editors of Fine Homebuilding magazine that can help you get a roofing job done quicker and smarter.

From flashing and gutters to lining up the eaves of roofs with irregular pitch, you'll find the advice and tips you need to choose, install, and work safely with:

  • Asphalt
  • Slate
  • Steel
  • And rubber roofing

Roofing, Flashing, and Waterproofing provides you the with the technical expertise and seasoned advice you need to protect your work from water, the home's eternal enemy. Leaks large and small cause the majority of damage in the house, and efforts to prevent or repair that damage account for most of the money spent on home repair.

This book presents the basic principles you need to know to waterproof residential structures properly to protect them from water intrusion and to prevent callbacks for flashing or roofing failures.

If you've ever had a callback on a rainy day, you'll want to avoid it from happening again!