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Fundamentals of Sustainable Dwellings

Product Code/ISBN: 9781597268073

This is the perfect guide for architects, developers, home builders, codes officials, and those want more information about architecture and green design.

Table of Contents



1. Principles of Sustainable Dwellings

Global and Local Trends
Principles of Sustainable Systems
Certifications of Sustainable Practices

2. Siting a Home

Site Selection
Designing with Climate
Preserving and Restoring Flora and Fauna
Preserving Topography and Natural Drainage
Gulf Island Residence

3. Sustainable Residential Design Concepts

Architectural Solutions for Sustainable Living
Live-Work Dwellings
Aging in Place
Multigenerational Living
Small-Size Housing
Flexible and Growing Homes
The Next Home

4. Unit-Planning Principles

Cost-Effective Comfort
Design Principles
Remington Court

5. Constructing a Home

The Building Envelope
Thermal Mass and its Distribution
Efficient Framing and Construction Details
Prefabrication and Resource Efficiency
Annie Residence

6. Building Materials

Life-Cycle Assessment Principles
Cradle-To-Cradle Assessment of Common Building Materials

7. Energy-Efficient Windows

Window Development
Controlling Air Movement
Controlling Heat Loss
Air leakage Control
Condensation and Rain Penetration Control
Glazing-Unit Innovations
Window Installation
Prescott Passive House

8. Heating and Cooling Systems

Principles of Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
Heating Systems
Ground Cooling Systems
Heat Transfer/Recovery Systems
English Residence

9. Healthy Indoor Environments

Buildings and Comfort
Indoor Air Quality
Materials and IAQ
Thermal Comfort
Visual Comfort
Acoustic Quality
18th Avenue South

10. Water Efficiency

A Need for Conservation
Components of a Water System
Strategies for Water Efficiency
Water-Saving Technologies
Additional Water-Saving Methods
Consumer Habits
Solar Umbrella

11. Green Roofs

Classification of Green Roofs
Advantages of Green Roofs
Construction Principles and Components
Euclid Avenue House

12. Edible Landscaping and Xeriscaping

Dwelling Landscapes and Consumption
Alternatives to Conventional Landscapes
Edible Landscapes
Ross Street House

13. Waste Management and Disposal

Waste Generation
Postconsumer Waster Management Options
Diversion of Waste
Community-Based Social Marketing
Changing Behavior
Seatrain Residence


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