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GA-600-2009: Fire Resistance Design Manual, PDF Download

Product Code/ISBN: GA-600-09-PDF

The 19th Edition of the Gypsum Association's flagship publication depicts over 390 systems that may be used for:

  • Fire-rated walls and partitions
  • Floor/ceiling systems
  • Roof/ceiling systems
  • And to protect columns, beams, and girders

Included for the first time in this edition are several new floor and roof ceiling systems and double-stud steel partition designs.

The Fire Resistance Design Manual provides contractors, designers, specifiers, owners, and others with a convenient compilation of the latest in tested gypsum-board designed fire-rated protection systems (as well as some tried and true older systems that have been with us for quite awhile). It also helps building officials keep up with fire-rated gypsum board systems that are permitted under the codes.

If you need information on designing for fire resistance using easily obtainable gypsum board, you need this practical guide!