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Green Building through Integrated Design

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071546010

This comprehensive, well-illustrated guide covers the entire process of building a certified green building. Written by one of the building industry's foremost experts in this area, Green Building Through Integrated Design includes case studies of a number of green building projects in North America.

This book features interviews with key players to illuminate the integrated design process, including relevant issues, difficult challenges, and problem-solving techniques. Green Building Through Integrated Design is the most complete overview of green building project delivery methods available, and is a thorough blueprint that every member of the project team will find invaluable.

Topics covered include:

  • Project costs
  • Business case benefits
  • Green technologies
  • Rating and certification systems
  • Integrated design process
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Certification process
  • Operations
  • Case studies

It has become increasingly clear that high-performance design depends on an integrated design process. This is because sustainable, high-performing architecture is not achieved by tossing together a collection of green technologies but by the interaction of many technologies and ideas across disciplines and throughout the chronology of design/construction/operation. This is easy to say, but far harder to implement.

Once inspired, a practitioner will ask: How is this really accomplished? This book is packed with information showing the design process from many professional points of view. In lengthy quotes from architects, engineers, and building owners, he gives firsthand accounts of innovative teamwork.

The author specifies the characteristics of high-performance buildings, explains LEED categories in detail, and offers no-nonsense descriptions of collaboration at each design phase. Uniquely qualified, with degrees in both engineering and business administration, and a nationally recognized expert in green design, Yudelson describes the barriers perceived by clients and presents a business case for building green.

The book includes an extraordinary, 400-item list of questions to consider at successive design phases. Only a fraction of buildings initially registered in the LEED database actually succeed in achieving certification. His advice can help firms reverse this trend. Don't look for glossy photos here; instead, you will find eminently practical diagrams, data, and ideas.

If you need a book that explains the inticacies of Green Building from a design point-of-view, this is your book!