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Green Roof Systems: Construction of Building Over

Product Code/ISBN: 9780471674955

This unique guide goes beyond the fashionable green roof movement and provides solid information on building accessible space, often as important public space, over structure. Green Roof Systems offers brief coverage of the entire process, including planning and collaboration, and focuses on the technical aspects of these roof systems, their components, and their applications.

This book is loaded with valuable information and context of the larger picture of green roofs from concept to planning. The structure of the book guides a reader through systems, materials, documentation, structure, bidding and construction, and touching on liability and maintenance.

If you need to find out all there is on green roofing systems, you need this practical guide!

Table of Contents:

  1. Replenishing our Diminishing Resources: Integrating Landscape and Architecture
  2. Beyond the Property Line: Ecological, Economic, Spatial, and Social Benefits of Green Roofs
  3. Envisioning Green Roof Systems: From City Scale to Project Scale
  4. Green Roof Systems at the Project Scale: Site and Architectural Considerations
  5. Considerations in Developing Structural Systems for Green Roof Systems
  6. Component Parts: Inert and Dynamic
  7. Putting the Parts Together: The Design and Documentation Process
  8. The Bidding and Construction Porocess
  9. Minimizing Potential Mistakes: Understanding Design, Product, Warranty, Liability and Insurance
  10. Maintenance Requirements and Performance Evaluation
  11. Index