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Green Sense for the Home: Rating the Real Payoff

Product Code/ISBN: 9781600851551

When does a green home project make financial sense? The authors of this book provide the answer to this and other questions relating to the cost (and relative value) of environmentally friendly home improvements.

Eric Corey Freed and Kevin Daum are experts, respectively, in green building and in financing custom homes. In this information-packed book, they walk readers through 50 green home projects and break them down according to the positive impact they have on the environment, as well as the impact they may have (both positive and negative) on the reader's wallet.

They evaluate a wide array of projects, including:

  • Insulating pipes
  • Weatherizing doors and windows
  • Composting and recycling trash
  • Installing a solar hot water heater
  • Installing green countertops
  • Upgrading appliances
  • Building with reclaimed materials
  • Installing radiant heat

This unique perspective on going green is a reference that green-leaning homeowners simply cannot do without. The title says it all -- GreenSense for the Home: the Real Payoff from 50 Green Home Projects. The book is very well organized and easy to find the information quickly and easily.

The wrap-up at the end of each chapter explains the dollar value as well as the green value/benefit to the earth. The conclusion to each chapter also gives a difficulty rating. That, in itself, makes the book worth purchasing!

This is a must read for people looking to modify or build a new home and are thinking about going green!