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Greening Your Home

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071499095

This one-stop guide provides information on systems and materials that conserve resources for a cleaner, more energy-efficient home environment.

Choose Green Systems That Conserve Resources While Matching Your Budget and Lifestyle

A vital conservation and money-saving tool, Greening Your Home provides helpful information that will help you select sustainable green options that match your specific needs for every system in your house. From the lively writing, with illustrations and examples, you will learn how to incorporate sustainability into your house in beautiful, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible ways.

Both inspirational and practical, Greening Your Home features:

  • A wealth of green building and remodeling options for homeowners
  • Photographs and information on green products and systems and their advantages

Material Options:

  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Low-VOC Paints
  • Replacement Windows
  • Green Certified Doors
  • Glass Block
  • Fly Ash Concrete
  • Bamboo and Cork Flooring
  • Plastic Plumbing Pipe
  • Red Cedar Siding

Recycled Insulation Recent Technology:

  • Power Consumption Monitors
  • Timers and Motion Sensors
  • Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures
  • On-demand Water Heaters
  • Radiant In-floor Heating
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Whole-house Fans
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Induction Cooktops

Horizontal Axis Washers/Dryers Green Practices:

  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  • Green Power
  • Saving Money Twice
  • Community-Supported Agriculture
  • Growing Your Own Food
  • Composting Biodegradables
  • Using Graywater
  • Making Your Own Cleaning Products
  • Reusing Containers
  • Xeriscaping