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Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures

Product Code/ISBN: 9780470085257

This is a must-have guide that will help you and walk you through the stability and design criteria for metal structures.  In this fully updated 6th edition you will find not only updated chapters to include the latest in new materials and methods, but also chapters that have been fully re-written to makes sure they represent the newest information in the industry.  Significant updates include plates, composite columns, and frame stability. Some of the rewritten chapters include those based on thin-walled metal structural members, stability under seismic loading, and the analysis of stability and finite element methods. 

This essential text has been the backbone of structural engineers and researchers for over 50 years.  Ronal Ziemian has constructed one of the most helpful books on metal structures and designs with the help of different SSRC task group members who have experience in structural stability theory and research. 

The sixth edition also features new information on shear walls, concrete filled tubes, and disproportionate collapse resistances.  Packed with over 350 different illustrations, references, and massive amounts of technical memoranda this is the next book you should add to your collection! Don’t start another project without a copy of this book on your desk. 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Stability Theory
  3. Centrally Loaded Columns
  4. Plates
  5. Beams
  6. Plate Girders
  7. Box Girders
  8. Beam-Columns
  9. Horizontally Curved Steel Girders
  10. Composite Columns and Structural Systems
  11. Stability of Angle Members
  12. Bracing
  13. Thin-Walled Metal Construction
  14. Circular Tubes and Shells
  15. Members with Elastic Lateral Restraints
  16. Frame Stability
  17. Arches
  18. Stability Under Seismic Loading
  19. Stability Analysis by the Finite Element Method

Appendix A: General References on Structural Stability

Appendix B: Technical Memoranda of Structural Stability Research Council

Appendix C: Structural Stability Research Council

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Subject Index