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Handbook of Construction Contracting, Volume 2

Product Code/ISBN: 093404113X

Explains different methods of estimating, keeping and controlling costs, estimating excavation, concrete, masonry, rough carpentry, roof covering, insulation, doors and windows, exterior finishes, specialty finishes, scheduling work flow, managing workers, advertising and sales, spec building and land development, and selecting the best legal structure for your business.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Estimating
  • Keeping and Controlling Costs
  • Estimating Excavation
  • Estimating Concrete
  • Estimating Masonry
  • Estimating Rough Carpentry
  • Estimating Roof Covering
  • Estimating Insulation
  • Estimating Doors and Windows
  • Estimating Interior Wallboard
  • Estimating Exterior Finish Carpentry
  • Estimating Interior Finish Carpentry
  • Estimating Specialty Finishes
  • Scheduling Work Flow
  • Successful Management
  • Finding the Work to Stay Busy
  • Spec Building and Land Development
  • Making a Business Plan
  • Selecting the Legal Structure for Your Firm
  • Your Business and the SBA
  • Index