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High-Maintenance Employees

Product Code/ISBN: 1402206232

In this guide for managers, Katherine Graham Leviss addresses the touchy issue of the "good employee," one who is a definite asset in terms of skills, creativity, and productivity, but who goes against the grain and stands out from others.

Sometimes this behavior is upsetting to fellow workers and needs to be dealt with. Leviss provides practical advice for a range of situations, all geared toward a win for everyone involved.

She advises on:

  • How to incorporate, rather than isolate or exclude, the "difficult" employee
  • How to help the employee see his or her behavior and its effects on co-workers
  • And how to avoid their becoming too big an issue in the workplace

Setting boundaries and good communication are key, but she also advises when to draw the line. Employees are assets, and Leviss shows that it is worth the time and trouble to help everyone fit in -- within reason.