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HVAC Duct Construction Standards 3rd

Product Code/ISBN: 9781617210303

The HVAC Duct Construction Standards 3rd Edition is the guide you need for commercial and institutional duct construction.  The brand-new 3rd edition comes complete with new and expanded tables from older editions.  There is also the addition of an engineering and design chapter to give more information to design professionals. 


Table of Contents


1. Engineering and Design

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Information Required for Duct Construction
1.3 Model Specifications
1.4 Duct Sealing
1.5 Introduction to Basic Construction
1.6 Dependent Variables

2. Rectangular Duct Construction
2.1 Introduction to the Rectangular Duct Construction Schedules
2.2 Rectangular Duct Reinforcement
2.3 Longitudinal Seams for Rectangular Duct
2.4 Transverse Joints for Rectangular Duct
2.5 Tie Rod Installations
2.6 Commentary
2.7 Midpanel Tie Rod Applications
2.8 Midpanel Tie Rod (MPT) Use Guide
2.9 Midpanel Tie Rod Selections
2.10 Commentary on Aluminum Duct

3. Round, Oval and Flexible Duct
3.1 Round Duct Construction Standards
3.2 Commentary
3.3 Flat Oval Duct Construction Standards
3.4 Commentary
3.5 Flexible Duct Installation Standards
3.6 Specification for Joining and Attaching Flexible Duct
3.7 Specification for Supporting Flexible Duct
3.8 Commentary

4. Fittings and Other Construction
4.1 Requirements

5. Hangers and Supports
5.1 Handing and Supporting Systems
5.2 Commentary

6. Exterior Components
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Rooftop Equipment Installation
6.3 Commentary

7. Accessories
7.1 Volume Dampers
7.2 Notes for figures 7-4 and 7-5
7.3 Commentary
7.4 Installation Standards for Rectangular Ducts Using Flexible Liner
7.5 Commentary

8. Double-Wall Duct Construction
8.1 Installation Standards Commentary

9. Equipment and Casings
9.1 Casing and Plenum Construction Standards
9.2 Commentary
9.3 Casing Arrangement

Specialty Systems

10.1 Hoods

10.2 Underground Duct Construction Standards
10.3 Commentary

11. Functional Criteria
11.1 Functional Criteria for Ducts
11.2 Rectangular Ducts
11.3 Commentary
11.4 Procedure for Rating Duct Construction Methods Relative to the SMACNA Construction Tables
11.5 Notes on Specimen Testing
11.6 Sound and Vibration

Appendix A