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Industrial Wastewater Management MOP FD-3 3rd

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071592383

Industrial Wastewater Management offers proven methods to help you treat toxic, concentrated, and polluted water. Complete with illustrations and tables throughout, this practical guide contains information on the newest chemicals, significant treatment studies, efficient control processes, and the latest instrumentation.

Industrial Wastewater Management equips you with the know-how for treating and removing heavy metals, arsenic, selenium, and mercury by providing detailed descriptions of pretreatment processes, design criteria, and process performance.

Features include:

  • Characteristic, sampling, and treatment studies
  • The latest techniques and materials for heavy-metal removal
  • Arsenic, selenium, and mercury treatment processes
  • Applications for biological treatment
  • Instrumentation and control procedures
  • Design and construction procurement services
  • SI as primary units and U.S. as secondary
  • Pros and cons of processes in specific applications

If you're looking for the practical know-how in removing heavy metals and toxic chemicals from your water supply, this books show you with illustrations, graphs, and examples!