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Infrastructure Planning, Engineering and Economics, 2nd

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071850131

Infrastructure Planning, Engineering and Economics, 2nd Edition is the perfect guide for you when it comes to infrastructure projects in the public sector.  This necessary text will give you the skills you need to upgrade, maintain, plan, and implement any of your projects whether they be new or old.  It will help you learn about the best practices when it comes to planning methodologies and creating the best infrastructure available.

From global case studies to research projects and references to other works, this guide gives you the most comprehensive overview of infrastructure planning and is your one stop shop for your next project! Brand new to the 2nd edition is information covering sustainability and the latest code regulations and changes in standards in the infrastructure field. Some topics and themes talked about in this text are:

  • Planning Aids
  • Sustainability
  • Different economic analyses and their social impacts
  • Planning for municipal infrastructure systems
  • Information on screening projects and master planning
  • How to plan for appraisal of major projects and infrastructure projects

All of this information is organized in a clear, concise, and streamlined manner to help enhance your understanding and answer any questions you have! It is the perfect book to add to you collection in your office, or to bring with you to the next job site.  Don’t start another project without it!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Planning Contexts, Perspectives, and Objectives
  3. Planning and Appraisal of Major Infrastructures Projects
  4. Screening Projects and Master Planning
  5. Municipal Infrastructure Systems-Performance and Prioritization Measures
  6. Comparisons of Infrastructure Alternatives
  7. Planning Aids
  8. Financial Analyses
  9. Economic Analyses-Concepts
  10. Economic Analyses-Applications
  11. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment-Concepts, Requirements, and Procedures
  12. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment-Additional Analyses and Issues
  13. Sustainability
  14. Planning for Uncertainty and Risk
  15. Operations Research Methods for Planning and Analysis