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Infrastructure Reporting and Asset Management

Product Code/ISBN: 9780784409589

Civil infrastructure reporting practices at the national, state, regional, and local levels of government have an impact on a community's ability to understand their asset capabilities and demands and can effectively communicate on these issues with their political decision makers.

When done well, infrastructure reporting will communicate to political decision makers the relative urgency of investing in civil infrastructure versus other priorities such as healthcare, education, energy and security.

This special report contains 25 papers which are intended to inform on current approaches to asset management as well as highlight the importance of and best practices in infrastructure reporting.

These papers are divided into the following three sections:

  • Building a Credible Reporting System, Effective Communication and Benefits of Infrastructure Reporting
  • Infrastructure Methodology and Report Quality
  • Tools and Metrics to Facilitate Infrastructure Reporting

This report will be of value to professional organizations and academics and practitioners involved in infrastructure reporting and/or asset management, as well as to political decision makers.