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Installing Doors and Windows - DVD

Product Code/ISBN: 9781561589098

Everyone wants trouble-free doors and windows -- doors that swing smoothly without rubbing or slouching, windows that open easily and keep cold air out.

Over the last 26 years Tom Law has installed thousands of doors and windows, developing the time-honored techniques that mark him as a master carpenter. With this DVD he brings his techniques and shortcuts right to your computer or television. It's like having a master carpenter showing you the ropes.

Whether you just want to add some light to a room or need to hang doors and windows on a job site, you'll find Law's methods and trade secrets invaluable. And Law doesn't ignore problems. In one part of the DVD, he intentionally creates a door-hanger's nightmare, then shows you how to save the installation.

By watching Law you'll learn how to:

  • Square up and secure an opening window in minutes
  • Set and seal an insulated glass unit in a custom-built frame
  • Shim and plumb a prehung exterior door so it won't sag
  • Size an interior door blank to fit within a site-built frame
  • Make a simple template to align and rout hinge mortises

By the time you finish watching this amazing DVD you'll be ready to tackle any door or window project that your clients can throw at you.