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Introduction to Fire Origin and Cause

Product Code/ISBN: 9780879395278

Introduction to Fire Origin and Cause, 4th Edition is the perfect guide to help train your team of firefighters beyond the basic certification level.  With the help of this essential text your team of fire firefighters can become better qualified and ready to help those in need.  The manual will help them not only understand fires in general better, but will also help them to understand where and how fires are started.  Often when responding to fires, since the fire fighters are the first to respond they see critical components that lead to how the fire was started.  With this manual they will learn to identify those key components and keep them safe from the tampering of the environment or other individuals until the proper experts arrive on the scene.  With the help of this manual they can sometimes even begin the investigation themselves.   

With seven chapters of information this is the perfect guide to help further the progression of your firefighting team.  Even included to help enhance learning are lesson outlines, chapter tests and quizzes, and presentations.  This essential book is a great addition to your library and will help you and your team in the future provide a greater service to the community!

Table of Contents

  1. Investigative Roles and Responsibilities at Fires and Explosions
  2. Safety
  3. Fire Dynamics: Behavior, Chemistry, and Physics
  4. Scene Security
  5. Identifying and Preserving Potential Fire Scene Evidence
  6. Area of Origin Determination
  7. Ignition Source, Ignition Sequence, and Cause Determination

About the publisher:  IFSTA, the International Fire Service Training Association, was founded in 1934 based on the need for further training and development of fire fighting officials and those involved with fire emergency planning.  They hold yearly conferences every July and have other committee meetings throughout the year to talk about the needs and necessities of the fire fighting industry.