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Juran's Quality Handbook 7th

Product Code/ISBN: 9781259643613

Delivering results in any business can be stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start or how to bring your business up.  Juran’s Quality Handbook: The Complete Guide to Performance Excellence, Seventh Edition is a must-have manual for your and your business.  Stop wondering what to do, with this book you will have the plan and layout to achieve the results you want.  Juran’s Quality Handbook has been the leader and “body of knowledge” for the science of performance management and achievements for more than 50 years.  They have everything you need to achieve your goals and bring your company to those desired results.

The brand new seventh edition has been updated with information based on the newest industry standards and practices.  Performance excellence is always changing, so let Juran’s Quality Handbook do the research and work for you.  Some of the new changes featured in this edition are:

  • Brand new chapters on how to build a quality management system and risk management
  • New charts, data, and statistical tables
  • Examples from real world situations to help you see how other companies have applied these certified practices
  • The chapters on learn, six sigma, and shingo prize have all been updated
  • New information on the history of quality management
  • Updated text on ISO and other regulatory standards

This essential guide will give you the A to Z’s of everything you need to increase performance and results for your company.  Don’t just keep “hoping” for a better week, make a better week! Everything is in your hands with Juran’s Quality Handbook.  Don’t waste another moment and make the change today!

About the publisher:  McGraw-Hill Education is one of the leading publishers with education.  Through the various partnerships they have developed the produce many educational publications and tools used in the classroom. They continue to develop the newest practices and standards to help progress learning in the classroom.