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Land Development, 10th Edition

Product Code/ISBN: 9780867186093

Land developers know that success hinges on knowledge, planning, and experience. Land Development is the comprehensive resource for this demanding and exciting industry. Packed with photos, illustrations, checklists, and practical guidance, the 10th Edition is an indispensable reference for any developer or builder wanting to understand the essentials of residential land development. Clearly written and logically organized, this classic text is used extensively in land development college curricula.

Readers will acquire extensive knowledge of the interrelated factors that contribute to a successful land development project, including:

  • Market analysis
  • Financing strategies
  • Site selection and analysis
  • Master plan conceptualization
  • Environmental regulations
  • Site engineering and storm water management
  • Design of neighborhoods and streets
  • Innovations in housing types

Author Daisy Kone emphasizes flexibility to accommodate the ever-changing trends in demographics, plan designs, technology, and environmental regulations. With landing becoming an ever more precious resource in the midst of unprecedented population growth, the reliable information in Land Development will give you the edge that seasoned professionals use to acquire the most desirable tracts of land.