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Large-Scale Solar Power System Design

Product Code/ISBN: 9780071763271

Large Scale Solar Power System Design provides comprehensive engineering design and construction guidelines for large-scale solar power system projects. Proven design methodologies are detailed installation diagrams are included in this practical resource.

Large-Scale Solar Power System Design offers complete coverage of solar power system technologies and components, planning, cost estimates, financing, project management, safety, and testing. This authoritative guide fully addresses the complex technical and management issues associated with large-scale, grid-connected solar power system implementations.

Coverage Includes:

  • Solar power system technologies, including photovoltaic and thin-film solar cells
  • Solar power system physics
  • Photovoltaic power system feasibility study
  • Solar power system costing
  • Solar power system design
  • Large-scale solar power system construction
  • Concentrator photovoltaic systems
  • Solar power system project management
  • Smart-grid systems
  • Solar thermal power
  • Solar power financing and feed-in tariff programs

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgments
  • Disclaimer Note
  • Chapter 1. Solar Power System Technologies
  • Chapter 2. Solar Power System Physics and Effects of Ambient Parameter Variation
  • Chapter 3. Solar Photovoltaic Power System Components
  • Chapter 4. Photovoltaic Power System Feasibility Study
  • Chapter 5. Solar Power System Cost Analysis
  • Chapter 6. Solar Power System Design
  • Chapter 7. Large-Scale Solar Power System Construction
  • Chapter 8. Concentrator Photovoltaic Systems
  • Chapter 9. Solar Power System Project Management
  • Chapter 10. Smart-Grid Systems
  • Chapter 11. Solar Thermal Power
  • Chapter 12. Solar Power Rebate, Financing, and Feed-In Tariff Programs
  • Appendix A. Unit Conversion and Design Reference Tables
  • Appendix B. Energy Systems
  • Appendix C. Los Angeles City Fire Department Requirement
  • Appendix D. Photo Gallery
  • Appendix E. State-Wide Solar Initiative Programs
  • Appendix F. List of California Energy Commission Certified
  • Solar Power Equipment
  • Index