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Machine Trades Printreading

Product Code/ISBN: 9780826918819

Understanding the manufacturing or machining process is sometimes like trying to understand a different language.  Good thing you can pick up a copy of Machine Trades Printreading to help you out.  Learn to understand the meaning behind the symbols, practices, and concepts used in the manufacturing or machining trade.  Become a pro quick with this easy to use guide! This essential guide will go over how different parts created in the machine shop are represented in drawings as a two-dimensional figure.  There are sections that cover how these drawings vary in representation and specification of different sizes and designs.  New to this edition are the latest ANSI standards for printreading symbol.  There is also brand-new information on precision measurement and tolerancing. 

This guide is specifically designed to help you understand and learn the language of printreading.  To help you use the information available to you at its highest potential there are end of chapter tests designed to help you test your skill and knowledge of the text.  There are also different tests throughout the book that will test your skills and are even based on practical manufacturing prints to help you get accustomed to the real-world. To finish the text there is a overview test at the end of the book to help you accumulate everything you have learned.

This is one of the best guides to help develop your skills in printreading.  Make sure this is the next book you add to your library, so order your copy today and become a printreading pro!   

About the publisher: American Technical Publishers was originally founded as American Technical Society in 1898 by R. T. Miller.  The purpose of the company was to be used by the American School of Correspondence, which was also founded by Miller in 1897.  Moving from having an inventory of only instructional books, ATP has expanded to included material for numerous careers, training, and education.